3 Tips For Long Lasting Lashes

1. Avoid using mascara on your lashes
This is one of the most useful tips for long lasting strip lashes. Using mascara on lash strips clumps the lashes together making them look overly clumpy and unappealing! Mascara will change the look of your lashes and and substantially reduce the amount of wears you could potentially get out of your lashes.
To avoid this, if you are someone that applies mascara to your lashes before applying lash strips make sure the mascara dries completely before applying the strips. This will reduce the amount of mascara that could get on your strip lashes.
2. Clean your lashes after each use
Cleaning your lashes after each use is the easiest way to remove mascara, makeup, glue, and excess build-up. 
When cleaning your lashes, do not use any oil based products this will damage your lashes. Instead, gently remove the build-up then clean your lashes with warm water and a gentle oil free soap.
3. Store your lashes in their case
Keeping your lashes in box between use is very important if you want to get the most use out of them. Too many times lashes get lost, lose shape, and just dont look the same as when they were brand new.
The solution, keep them in their case! This will ensure your lashes don't get lost, dirty, or lose their fabulous shape.