Better Than Lash Extenstions: An Affordable Alternative

What are Strip Lashes?
Strip lashes or falsies are lashes that are attatched to a band and are applied with a removeable adhesive right above the lash line. These lashes are extremely versatile and can be used for special occasions or normal day to day activities. With proper care strip lashes can be worn up to 25/30 times depending on the material.
Who can use Strip Lashes?
Strip lashes are beginner friendly and perfect for those who are looking to change their look without the commitment of a long-term style. Strip lashes are also great for those special occasions such as weddings, graduations, photoshoots or whenever you want to add that extra flair to your look.
Our Recommendations
All the lashes found in our "Natural Lash" collection are all beginner friendly. For those new to the lash community a subtle yet enhanced lash look could be a great option! Some of our most popular Natural Lash styles are Diamond, Lotus, Winter, & Princess.